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Option 1
$150.00 per cover

Joy to the world Cocktails
Savory items
• Cocktail Size Mini Tandoori chicken Roti.
• Chicken Kebabs
• Chinese Style Chunks Roasted Pork
• Mini Pastelles---.Assorted
• Mini club Stuffed Garlic rolls with honey Roasted Ham or Turkey.
• Tampura style Shrimp cocktails
• Panco Breaded Fish fingers with Tartar sauce

sweet items----Seasonal Medley / Mixture
• Mini Trini Style Black Fruit Cake 
• Mini Rum & Raisin Cheese Cakes
• Santas Choice Mini Red vel-vet Triangles

Option 2
Angels on high
Parang Cocktail Packaged
$150.00 per cover

• Cocktail size Reg Mini chicken Roti
• Mini Crab & Dumplings in Coconut crème 
• Lamb Kebabs with Herb Mint Sauce
• Mini Pastelles----->assorted
• Lemon Poppy Club Rolls with roasted Ham or Turkey with Chow chow
• Sherperds Rosemarie Roast Pork Riblets
• Shrimp GYOSZA--->Steam with Ginger sauce

Sweet items-----Seasonal Medley / Mixture

• Mini Trini Style Black Fruit Cake
• Mini Italian Tiramisu squares
• Mini lemon Meringue Cakes

These can be adjusted with other suggestions as we revised, then I will do your Quotation, you can have it as the first week of September, 2018.