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Cheese, Chicken, Tuna Buchees Mini Quiche Assorted

Mini Chocolate & Vanilla Squares 
$ 22.00 per serving

Cocktail Drumsticks
Cheese, Chicken, Tuna Puffs
Cake Coconut Tartlet 
$ 22.00 per serving Fish

Fingers with Tartar Sauce
Chicken Samosas with Tamarind dip
Lemon Meringue Pies $ 22.00 per serving

Mini Kebabs Chicken or Fish
Mini Club Rolls Cheese or Beef
Mini Cheese Cake $ 24.00 per serving

Salmon Buchees
Crab Balls
Lemon Short crust tartlets $ 24.00 per serving

Please note that these items can be plated package for presentation for weddings.
Also can be plattered for buffet style with a
10% service charged.